Our Appointment System




Before Booking Your Appointment

Do you wish your symptoms could be treated without having to attend the surgery? To save a call to the surgery (and enable GPs to see patients more quickly), please try the 3 before GP steps:

  1. Can you sort it yourself? – e.g. if you have a cold, you should rest, keep warm, take plenty of fluids and take cold medicines.
  2. If you would like advice, then please visit the online Health A-Z which gives advice and is written by doctors and nurses.
  3. If you would like more advice, or have a question about online advice, please pop in and see your local pharmacist.

We don’t want to stop patients seeing their GP if they need to, but many appointments could be released to people who cannot treat themselves and need to see the GP.

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How To Make An Appointment

To make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse, you have the following options:


Same Day Appointments

We have several appointments with clinical practitioners or with doctors available for problems that need to be addressed on the same day. Call the practice between 8am and 11am and speak to a Care Navigators: they will ask you some questions that help to ensure you are seen by the most appropriate clinician. They might suggest that a clinician will give you a ring back.


Advance Bookings (telephone or face-to-face)

Routine appointments for the general practitioners of your own choice are available up to 4 weeks in advance. You can book the appointment online or by talking to the care navigator team. 


Nurse Appointments

All nurse appointments, except emergency on-the-day appointments, can be pre-booked. 


Check in and Translation Services

When you arrive for your appointment, please check in for your appointment using the automatic check in service on the first floor. This is available in several different languages. Of course the receptionist will assist if you have problems.

Telephone translation services are available for appointments if these are requested in advance. Please ask someone to let us know you need this service so that it can be booked in the language you need at the time you and your doctor need it.


Arriving Late Procedure

If you are more than half your appointment time late, you will not be able to be seen in that appointment slot. All Health care professionals work to booked appointment times, and if that time has passed, they are not able to get it back. This means if you are too late for your appointment, you will have to book another appointment to be seen either later that day, or on another day.


Further Information