Domestic Abuse




Domestic Abuse Advice

Domestic Abuse Advisors are now available in our practice. For more information speak to a member of staff.


Northamptonshire Rape Crisis

A rape crisis centre that provides a safe women only space for women and girls. They are also a rape crisis centre that is able to provide support to men and boys.

It doesn’t matter if you were assaulted last night or abused fifty years ago, we exist to support you through the recovery process – from helping you if you’re in crisis, to providing long-term counselling to help you move on. Click here to visit the website

Telephone: 0300 2225930



NDAS can help. Call the 24/7 advice line free.

Telephone: 0300 0120154


Victim Support

As an independent charity, we work towards a world where people affected by crime or traumatic events get the support they need and the respect they deserve. We help people feel safer and find the strength to move beyond crime. Our support is free, confidential and tailored to your needs. Click here to visit the website